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More About Me.

Thank you for stopping by!

I am a product designer focused on connecting the physical world with digital. 

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I am a new Georgia Tech Human-Computer Interaction Master's grad working as a UX designer at Minus 99 Design studio. I am currently designing responsive e-commerce experiences and websites for leading companies. I have both Industrial Design and Psychology Bachelor’s degrees; hence, I love connecting psychology with design.

I grew up in Izmir, a city that is located on the west coast of Turkey.  Thanks to the heterogeneous population of the city, I had a chance to explore different values and cultures.  

I love exploring new music artists and going to concerts (before COVID 😢). In addition, I have two happy dogs that are rescued from shelters.

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What I have been listening to lately

Achievements Selected

HCI International Conference, Poster Presentation


Awwwards, Young Jury Member


Berkeley Career Connections, Panelist


Falling Walls Berlin, Speaker


Falling Walls Turkey, First Place Prize


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