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Sleep and Bedwetting Tracker for Children

What is MOON?

Moon is a combination of a sleep tracker and a bedwetting alarm. It has three pieces; a night anklet, a temporary steam sensor, and a smart alarm. It can be used in two different ways; for bed-wetting problems and as a smart alarm clock.

My aim was to design an alternative solution to bedwetting which can be used in different places. Furthermore, it can provide children a less distressful experience.

What is Bedwetting?

Bedwetting is involuntary urination during sleep. Bedwetting considered to be normal until around ages 7. However, if it lasts longer, it may have consequences. These consequences might be psychological and social. For instance, these children can’t go to a sleepover at their friends’ homes!

What Makes MOON This Special?

There are various interventions to deal with bedwetting such as psychotherapy, medical treatments, and bedwetting alarms.

However, they have their own disadvantages, for instance, bedwetting alarms are considered to be a useful solution but the user may be traumatized!

Moon provides an alternative solution to the problem. With the help of sensors, it wakes children before the bedwetting occurs! Furthermore, it uses different stimuli to provide a better waking up experience.

Bedwetting Tracker Mode

In the first week, the night anklet and steam sensor are worn together. The night anklet learns the physical changes such as temperature change, skin conductance, sleep stage and time; before the bed-wetting occurs. After a week (duration may change according to the individual), the system begins to estimate the bed-wetting time according to the data that has been collected.

According to the estimated bed-wetting time, waking up procedure begins to wake children up before the bed-wetting occurs.

At this point, the smart alarm comes into play by gradually sending three different stimuli; scent, sound, and light, Another stimulus (vibration) is sent by the anklet. Due to the gradual waking up process, children are expected to be less distressed and fully aware when they go to the bathroom.  These stimuli and estimations are updated by the newly received data obtained from sensors each night to increase the accuracy of the estimation time.

A smart alarm enables children to adjust the stimuli. By using a touchpad stimuli can be turned on/off and intensity can be adjusted.


Awards and Competitions

Falling Walls Lab Berlin, World Finale, 2018

Falling Walls Lab Turkey, 1st Place, 2018

A’Design Awards, A' Baby, Kids and Children's Products 2018, Participation

Graduation Exhibition, Outstanding Project Certificate, 2017


Design Week Istanbul, 2018

Turkey Innovation and Entrepreneurship Week 2017,

2nd Izmir Good Design Exhibition, 2017

 Special thanks to the most patient supervisor Can OZCAN!

Alarm Clock Mode
Moon also can be used as a smart alarm. The same waking up process can be implemented to the time that the user wants to wake up.

I wanted to exclude caregivers from the process as much as possible because it is already an unpleasant situation for their children... Hence, the application is designed for them to follow their children’s improvement and track the effectiveness of each stimulus. Furthermore, the app provides tips and tricks for parents to cope with the situation. Stimuli also can be adjusted by using the app.

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